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Hack The Box - Script Kiddie [Easy Linux]

A walkthrough, exploiting the Script Kiddie box on Hack The Box and providing my thoughts and observations.

Port Authority - Stopping Javascript Port-Scanning Once and For All

Blocking websites from using javascript to port scan your computer/network and dynamically blocks all LexisNexis endpoints from running their invasive data collection scripts.

LinkHub - Automated Github Pwn of LinkedIn Organizations

This program takes in the Html of an organization's employee page on LinkedIn, parses all the profiles, validates the accounts on GitHub, and searches for any security issue in all...

Hack The Box - Book [Medium Linux]

A collection of notes and thoughts along the way rooting Book from Hack The Box.

vBulletin Biting the RCE Bullet

An indepth look into a 0-day remote code execution vulnerability found within vBulletin. I observe the wide-scale impact this has across the internet.